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About Plagiarism Checker

Advanced Plagiarism Checker

When it comes to search engine optimization, nothing is more important than a good plagiarism checker. It is a great feature that allows you to protect your content. You can check to see whether your content has been published before to make sure it is unique. It also discourages other authors from copying your work without your consent.

Many people can benefit from this, including those working in search engine optimization (SEO), business and website owners, educators, and students. SEO writers can use this before releasing their work to ensure it meets quality standards and is original. Employers and website owners can use this to evaluate the work of newly recruited writers. It can also be used in the classroom and by students to check the originality of their written assignments.

Advances plagiarism checker by is a tool that helps you find articles, images, videos, or audio files that are similar. Since more people use computers and the internet, it is easy for anyone to copy someone else's work. Most plagiarism happens in school because it is easy to copy a paper or article. It can be checked by hand or with a tool that looks for unique content. If you are going to do it by hand, you will need a good memory and be an expert in the field. But if you use the tool, it is easy.

Check For Plagiarism In Depth

This plagiarism checker free does a deep check for plagiarism by comparing each word in a 1000-word piece to billions of web pages on the Internet. As a result, a plagiarized phrase or paragraph would be detected by this best free plagiarism checker.

Accurate Results

Our online plagiarism checker does not do any magic tricks. It gives accurate results, including the percentages of copied and original text. It also never tries to trick you by telling you that duplicate content is unique when it isn't.

Privacy is assured

We care about our users' safety and privacy. So, you can use our plagiarism checker without worrying about your privacy because we delete any text you enter from our database as soon as the check is done.

Why Is Checking For Plagiarism Important?

Plagiarism is becoming a bigger problem these days. So, you need to look for the same information. For instance, if you pay someone to write an article or essay for you, how do you know what it is about? The best tool for finding duplicate content in your paper is Site Speed SEO’s duplicate content checker.

One of the big reasons to use such tools is that they will help you find sentences that are exact, meaning you can see what the original writer wrote. Many colleges and universities use an advanced unique content checker to find duplicate or copied content in student assignments, project papers, or theses. The institution decides whether or not to accept a paper based on the percentage of duplicate content checkers like this one find. 

We all know how important it is for a website to have text on it. A website without text is like a body without a soul. SEOs and webmasters need to use a similarity checker to ensure their content is unique and high-quality. Plagiarized information or content can hurt a website, but unique information or content can help it grow. 

Academic Uses

A student's career can be ruined if they copy or steal papers and assignments. Students should use a copyright checker to make sure they do not accidentally copy someone else's work. Any cheating in the classroom is called "academic dishonesty." Some schools might only give students a warning, while others might even kick them out.

Manually checking for plagiarism is almost impossible because you need to look through all the information on the internet. So, a free plagiarism checker can help you look for duplicate content in your papers and find where copied work is in another document or on the web.

Website Owners

The main goal of website owners is to add original content to their sites. If they use the plagiarism checker available on our page, they will be able to complete this work successfully. Our tool will carefully look at the text and compare it to its directory to tell you if there are any duplicates.


To succeed in the competitive world of the internet, a blogger needs to provide fresh thoughts and write consistently. Even if you are confident that your work is original and devoid of mistakes, it is a good idea to run it through a content checker to be sure. In addition, employ a professional grammar check to guarantee that your material is error-free.

Freelance Content Writers

With unique content, a freelance content writer can do well. For content-writing jobs, freelancers have to compete with a lot of other people. Use our copyright checker to protect your reputation on the freelance market. It helps you make sure that your content is original and not copied.


Plagiarism is a crime in academia, so students should use a plagiarism checker for students to look for it in their assignments before turning them in. This will help students give credit to the sources they used to get help with an assignment correctly.


Becoming a well-known author is difficult, and a small mistake like duplication can kill an author's career. This unique content checker will let you know if you accidentally copied someone else's work, which will help you avoid duplication. Make a plagiarism check on your work before you put it out there.

Journalists and reporters

Reporters and journalists should come up with original stories to keep their audience's attention and respect. If someone else publishes your work under their name, it can be very bad for your career. So, the similarity checker is the best way to avoid this bother. With this online tool, you can check your work's authenticity regularly.

Teachers and professors

As a professor or teacher, it can take a lot of work to keep up with your work load and look closely at student work to find plagiarism. Checking a single copy by hand can take hours. Instead, you can use a plagiarism checker for teachers, which gives you complete results in just a few seconds.

How Does This Tool Check If The Content Is Unique?

The duplicate content checker finds text that is the same. It looks for sections or strings of words that are the same in different documents. This is how almost all plagiarism tools work.

When you copy and paste your paper or article into an online content uniqueness checker, it starts looking at the whole document to see if it has any duplicate content. The tool will automatically mark it with a red line if there is any copied-and-pasted text or sentence in the document.

This advanced article checker tool will look at your article with Google and many other search engines and mark any places where sentences have been copied and pasted. It gets information from Google, compares your paper to others online, and gives the final results.

How Is It Different From The Rest?

There are other tools out there that can find plagiarism. This one, though, is the best. Our tool at has more advanced plagiarism checking than the others. Moreover, it has better scoring, content tracking; similarity reporting, better support and training; and higher document limits.

This tool is easier to use than any other tool you can find online. Write your article or paper, and then use the grammar checker to look it over for mistakes. Then, copy your article and paste it into the tool. It will look at your article and tell you what it thinks. It is how you can ensure your paper has no copied content. It will take the essay from your article and compare it to similar articles on Google. Then it will tell you what it found.


How do I check if more than 1,000 words are copied?

Our online plagiarism checker compares your text to billions of other documents and web pages. You can search for up to 2,000 words at no cost. (The limit goes up to 20,000 words for paid users.)

Is 7% a lot of plagiarism?

Usually, journals will accept a text similarity of 15% or less, and a similarity of 25% or more is seen as a high percentage of plagiarism.

Is it wrong to rewrite something?

Plagiarism happens when you rewrite someone else's ideas as if they were your own without giving credit to the original author. But paraphrasing is not plagiarism as long as you give credit to the source.

Can this tool work on all types of content?

The advanced plagiarism checker by is ideal for all articles, blogs, papers, and assignments.