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About Dummy Image Placeholder Generator


What Is A Dummy Image Placeholder Generator?


Avoid wasting time on creating fake media for your mock-up or wireframe. It is easy to make photos with a URL using this dummy image generator. Dummy images are exactly what they sound like: they are universal, temporary images that are used to temporarily replace other graphics or text on a website. Designers and developers need them to present a design concept to the client before completing the layout and content. 


When seen in full size, they are easy to recognize. You may use these pictures in your brand identity packages, marketing campaigns, landing pages, and brochures with no effort. These are images to use while you work on your project. Placeholder images in different dimensions, types, and effects can be generated using custom URLs. It is fairly uncommon for web designers to start a project without the necessary visual assets. However, you are already familiar with the dimensions, and using placeholders will aid in visualizing the design. 


You get to pick the dimensions, the hues, the text, and blank images to use wherever needed. Simply inserting a relative address into your HTML will give you an appropriate substitute image. www.sitespeedseo.com has this free image generator to make beautiful images to use as placeholders. You may choose from a variety of popular preset screen and ad sizes when using this picture placeholder generator's wide variety of customization choices. Such as width and height, aspect ratios, background and foreground color. 

Dummy photos can be used as placeholders when actual images for a website or landing page are still in production. By using this tool, you can get an idea of the final format of the content on your page by using this tool. You can make mock-ups of your designs using this free online image tool and move your project forward without breaking the bank. You can use the Blank Image button to generate a blank image, or you can click the Stock Image button and select an image of people, food, or a landscape.


When making a website, placeholder images are often used to make the site look better or make it easier to use. This tool lets you specify the size of the placeholder image you need and then produces an image of that exact size. It generates dummy images that can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your website. Using placeholder images can improve the website's professionalism and refinement, as well as its usability. If you want to make your website look better, using a placeholder image generator is a great idea.


Why Do You Need To Use This Tool?

One of the most useful tools at a web designer's disposal is the image placeholder generator. It saves you time by letting you use pre-existing photos as placeholders in your web design projects.

Dummy images serve multiple purposes in web design and graphic design. In the first place, placeholder images might aid in achieving an aesthetically pleasing layout. Second, they serve to make a page or screen more visually appealing by separating sections of text. Third, undetermined facts or information might be represented using placeholder images. Last but not least, temporary photos can serve as a stand-in while the permanent ones are ready. 

This dummy image placeholder generator by www.sitespeedseo.com is a go-to out of all the available image placeholder generators. You can choose the ideal size for your purposes among its many alternatives and the ease with which it can be used. Simply enter the desired image's dimensions and the program will produce a generic image in its place. The properties of the image used as a substitute, such as color, text, and size, can also be changed. This is useful for creating placeholder images for websites, online portfolios, and other digital activities. 


You can use it if you need some temporary graphics for your website or blog. Use this online image generator to make arbitrary pictures to illustrate points on your site or blog. Simply fill in the text fields with the information you would like to portray, and the tool will produce a set of generic photos you may use as stand-ins. In addition to saving you time in the long run, this is a fantastic strategy for rapidly developing pictures to represent relevant data on your website. 


How To Use This Tool? 

The www.sitespeedseo.com image render tool helps designers and developers make placeholder images on the fly. The width of the image is the sole mandatory input. You can also specify other properties like height, color, text, and more.

This is how you can do it:


  • Size, file type, and color/type can all be customized. You may also edit your image by adding text in a variety of colors.

  • Next, your image will be fabricated using the stock photo generator. In order to see the image at its actual size, please click here.

  • Once your image has been edited to your satisfaction, you can save it to your computer by clicking the "Download Image" button.

  • It is time to put your placeholder image on your website!


A dummy picture can be made in a few different ways. An option is to use an image editor, such as Photoshop, to make a blank image. An alternative is to make use of this dummy picture maker that is available for no cost online. You can then utilize this photo on your site or in your mock-ups.

What you get with the dummy generator?


Here are different options you can have while using this tool.


  • Width: You can choose how wide you want the dummy image to be.

  • Height: Gives the option to make the dummy image taller.

  • Image Format: Choose from PNG, JPG, WebP, GIF, and other image formats.

  • Background colour: The tool also lets you choose a colour for the dummy image's background.

  • You can also change the colour of the text inside the placeholder image.

  • Font Size: Choose a font size for the image that fits your needs.


What are the most common sizes for images?


The table below shows the most common sizes of images.


Medium Rectangle




Vertical Rectangle


Large Rectangle




Popunder Ad


Full Banner


Half Banner


Micro Bar




Button 2


Vertical Banner


Square Button




Wide Skyscraper




Half Page



What is the benefit of using a blank image instead of a real one? 


Placeholder images are those that are intentionally left blank so that they might serve as stand-ins for more appropriate images. When a permanent image cannot be found, placeholders are frequently used in online design and development. Use of a stand-in picture has various positive effects:


  • It can be used to hasten the creation of new designs and programs.

  • It can be useful for maintaining a regular page format. 

  • Fixing any broken image links is a plus. 

  • It may aid in decreasing the required download size. 

In general, a website's efficiency and reliability can benefit from the use of a placeholder image.




What is a placeholder picture? 

The text for a site's layout is usually completed before any images are ready. Dummy photos allow you to place material on a web page without having to wait for the genuine images to be ready. Consequently, the design process can continue uninterrupted. You can find placeholder pictures in almost any dimension. 

Can I generate dummy pictures without paying anything? 

As many dummy pictures as you want can be made and saved. These are designed to make your design look more professional, but you should replace them with actual photos before launching. 

If I used placeholder images, would my website take longer to load? 

The photos here are similar to those that will be used on the live site, so they can be used to see if they slow the page down. If you notice that your website is taking longer to load than it should, try using our PNG and JPEG compression tools. 


How image placeholders vary from content placeholders?


Depending on the quality of your photo, you may or may not see a change. Keep in mind that the Content placeholder will insert the complete image, while the Picture placeholder will insert a cropped version of your photo.

Where do these stock photos come from?

The images come from the public domain photo sharing websites. You can use our facility to get as many stock pictures for testing purposes as you like. Note that you must make substantial changes to any photo before selling it.


The Dummy Image Placeholder Generator does not allow me to choose a specific image. What to do?

While you cannot pick a specific image, you can choose from a variety of image formats. If you asked for a cat picture, for instance, the photo generator would provide you with just ONE such image. You will not have access to an image gallery filled with kittens.