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The number of links on a website and how many are genuinely necessary are the two things that most website owners worry about. So, if you run a website, you must be aware of this. Meaning, the number of quality links a website has will determine how highly it is rated by search engines like Google, therefore the website link counter comes in handy at this point. And you as a webmaster or SEO specialist must use it for significant improvement on the search engine’s rankings.

Tools like website page count checker and website link count checker are essential due to their importance in improving optimization. There are probably numerous websites that offer this useful service if you search for a link count checker or link counter on any search engine. However, these tools are quite easy to.

Webmasters and SEO specialists will find the results to be extremely helpful. They constantly make it essential to perform a link count check when optimizing a certain website. Let’s know more about links count checker tool throughout this blog.

What is a Website Links Count Checker?

If you want to determine the number of outgoing links on a specific page, use links count checker free web tool. To guarantee a website's quality, website owners and webmasters must often examine the external links on their web pages. Using this tool can assist you avoid paying for advertising or link building from a dubious service provider that can, surely, will save a great deal of money and frustration.

Website links count checker has a specific algorithm that can identify such link building operations, "Link Farms" (pages or websites that exist exclusively to reproduce backlinks) are not a good choice for search engine optimization. Instead of helping you improve your website, it may even hurt it.

This is an online tool that allows you to check outward links for a given webpage. Too often, you need to analyze your website performance to optimize its traffic stream. And checking a webpage’s external links and measuring its positive and negative links is a good SEO practice as well.

Therefore, using website link counter will enable you to figure out its relevant and unrelated pages linked within.

Why is it important to focus on building trust?

If you are a webmaster, you must concentrate on establishing trust with your website's visitors. Consider not only links that are good for SEO, but also links that are relevant to your business. After all, this is the primary purpose of a website. Always priorities links that are beneficial to your business and can help you build your brand. Your connections should be able to help you establish yourself as an industry authority.

Wikipedia links are worthwhile to pursue, but they have become quite picky about references. However, if you can build a link by providing niche and high-quality content, it will lead you to the right results.

Why Use Website Links Count Checker?

There are a ton of benefits to using a website link counter. For example, with the help of this Links Count Checker tool, you can gather all the data you need to enhance the value of a web page. And when a webmaster wants to find out the total number of external and internal links are on a specific web page, this tools comes to rescue and help you determine without any hassle in seconds.

Moreover, it is advisable to constantly analyze your website links using website link count checker to see how many connections you've gained or lost. This way you can know thoroughly know whether your website is growing or losing ranking across the web. And most certainly, it’s the by far the best reason to use this tool to stay competitive across the digital landscape.

How to Use Website Link Counter?

When it comes to using link counter checker tools, they’re pretty much straightforward. All you have to do is type the URL into the text box and press the "Check/Proceed/Analyze" button. These tools employ a special algorithm that will quickly process your request and produce the desired outcome. After that, the tool will provide you with links information related to that page. For instance, information about total links, internal links, external links, nofollow links, and dofollow links will be listed.

Total Links

Total links is a website's total number of internal and external links. Tools that count the links on a webpage may also count the amount of duplicate links and empty anchors. You can find out how many internal and external links a website has by looking at its total links. The amount of duplicate links and the number of empty anchors will be displayed by our internal link checker. You must monitor the dispersion of your content's anchor texts since they are quite important.

Internal Links

Next, the website links count checker will you show you links that are redirecting users to the website itself. These are the connections between the pages of a website. Moreover, Internal links aid in directing visitors and Google around your website. Internal links can speed up Google's ability to identify, crawl, and index your site's pages. 

More importantly, without them, it takes longer for Google to find every page on your website. The quicker your pages are indexed, the quicker Google search results will display them. Internal links, however, do more than only assist Google in locating other pages on your website; they also assist people in navigating around it. You may direct visitors to pages regarding relevant subjects using internal links, which keeps them on your website for longer.

External Links

Links to other websites, usually referred to as partner websites – and are known as external links. The better for search engine optimization, the more external links a website has. All links, however, should point to reputable, pertinent websites rather than spam websites. That said, having external links from high domain authority holding websites is quite beneficial for your website to rank better on search engines. In other words, External links are those that point to your website from other websites. As trust signals from other websites, these connections are greatly helpful in a nut shell. But just ensure they’re coming from reputable websites.

Nofollow Links

Nofollow links always suggest a threat. It is arguable how much risk these links to the website actually provide. These connections should be avoided, nevertheless. Popular social networking platforms are no-follow by design. Since nofollow links don't convey link juice, they don't increase the authority of your website. So, it’s pretty much straightforward to remove them asap. For example, a rel="nofollow" element can be used in your code to indicate a nofollow link.

Note: Links with the nofollow attributes are often displayed in red to denote danger. Their level of threat to a website is still up for debate. Nofollow links must be avoided at any cost.

Dofollow Links

Lastly, link counter checker also displays dofollow links; the links that Google and other search engines may follow to your website are known as dofollow links. This connection is advantageous for your website since it can raise your page ranking in search results. More, a dofollow link is one that people and search engines may follow to visit websites. These links convey "link juice," which means they serve as endorsements for your website.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is a website link counter checker's main purpose?

A Website link count checker determines the number of links on a given website based on its URL. Along with their URLs, they also specify whether they are internal or external links.

Is ETTVi's link counter-checker available for free?

ETTVI's links count checker is a free tool for analyzing a website's link quality. ETTVI provides all of its features and statistics for free, and it never asks you to pay for them.

How do we use the links counter-checker on the ETTVI website?

The website links count checker from ETTVI is a simple tool. Simply type your website's URL into the provided search box and click "Export." You can quickly see all of the links on your website.

What should you do if ETTVI's website counter checker fails?

If ETTVI's website counter checker stops working or displays an error, please contact ETTVI customer service right away. Any problem will be addressed as soon as possible.

What do links on a website serve as?

One of the ways the Internet is made possible is through links between web pages. Without these links, navigating the Internet would be much more challenging. Moreover, these links are essential for the efficient application of search engine optimization (SEO). Links serve the purpose of assisting search engines in evaluating the value of a website and determining where that website should appear in search results.