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What Is A Backlink Checker?

A backlink tester is free tool that provides loads of information. The anchor text, page title, and URL for each link are all displayed. Links can be sorted according to any criterion, and additional columns can be added or removed from the backlink report as needed. You can save the report in CSV format. A free account will also allow you to store the report digitally. Firefox is the preferred browser for optimal performance. Installing the Link Diagnosis add-on for Firefox is a quick and easy way to get access to the full reports.  If a website has many backlinks, it will take a little longer to load, but it will display more backlinks. Once the add-on has been installed, you'll see a label next to each link indicating whether it's a good (do follow) link, a no follow link, or a broken link. 


Is Having Backlinks Necessary, And Why?

A backlink is a vote of confidence in your website and the success of your internet business. A hyperlink from another website acts as a personal recommendation for your company. Getting high-quality backlinks will improve your site's ranking on Google, and the increased referral traffic will lead to more site visitors.

Even though not much is known about Google's algorithm, backlinks are undeniably crucial. Although difficult to obtain, they provide a substantial boost to search engine rankings. Backlinks are an integral aspect of any search engine optimization strategy, whether you're just getting started or want to give your site a facelift. While building backlinks should be a long-term objective, you should begin by locating high-performing keywords, increasing content production, and optimising pages. Moreover, you can use this high-functioning backlink checker online for accurate results.

How A Backlink Checker Can Be Useful?

Search engines can tell that your site is credible since other sites link to it. Many high-quality sites linking to yours will indicate to a search engine that your content is credible, which will increase your site's position. Your site will be more likely to appear in search results for user-generated content if other sites connect to yours. Increasing your site's visibility and user traffic is possible through building backlinks.

Earning money through outside links is possible but time-consuming. A website's link profile is built upon the information that people find valuable enough to wish to share across their various social networks and online resources. Users and site owners alike will pay attention to only the highest-quality text material.


How Can I Create Backlinks?

The backlinks will come if you put out relevant information and articles. Share each other's links with the group. Submit guest pieces to established website editors. There are plenty of website owners who will gladly link to your resource for free with your keyword anchor text if you provide them with high-quality material. It's also possible to buy links to your site. You'll still need to monitor selected websites, though, with this method.

Because not all backlinks are created equal, it is important to monitor both the quantity and quality of links pointing to your site. Competitors may purchase links to your resource from low-quality, spammed, and low-DR-score resources in an effort to hurt your site's visibility. The search engine rankings of your site will improve if you acquire backlinks from credible websites. By having consumers click through to your site, you'll receive user-generated traffic. And even if they don't, the links still point to you. Get your site mentioned on other, more credible sites to boost its search engine rankings.

It's important to keep an eye on both the quantity and quality of your backlinks if you want to do well in search engine results and increase your website's organic traffic. Don't forget to run backlinks checkers on your resource index on a regular basis; they're a free and effective technique to monitor and study outbound links.


Why Is This Backlink Tester Different?

Extensive link analysis capabilities

Google places higher trust in sites that have many high-quality backlinks (followed links) than those with few or no followed links. The www.sitespeedseo.com provides a comprehensive view of followed and no followed links for any given destination. Anchor text analysis of competitors' backlink profiles is a great way to learn how they are optimising their own profiles. Determine any potential black-hat SEO attacks on your website by analysing the anchor text used to link to it.

Remove spammed links

Detect and remove spammed links from your site's link profile by using the backlink checker online to add them to a disavow file. It merely takes a few clicks to import this file into Google's disavow tool.

Export to PDF and CSV

In need of submitting a report or downloading a report for additional examination? You may easily create a PDF or CSV file from your data and reports. Each report has filters that let you pull out the information you need for analysis. To sum up, the www.sitespeedseo.com free backlink checker is a great rresource, ready to take on any challenge in the area of backlink analysis.


We're always working to improve the tool and add new features and insights that SEO specialists will find valuable. Moreover:

  • Find out exactly which page on the Internet is referring back to yours by viewing its URL. In other words, it reveals the precise language that was used as the link's anchor.

  • You can see the domain's overall Domain Rating as well as how often it links back to your site.

  • The type of link is displayed (that is, whether it is no follow or follow).

  • You are given the choice to view the website's URL rating.

  • Get the number of links pointing to your website.

The backlink analyser also gives you a comprehensive backlink profile that includes information like the number of referring sites, the percentage of follow links, and more. Backlink checker online free determines a site's domain authority by using this data to calculate it. This provides you with the ability to evaluate the quality of your link profile. In addition, the list of results will include a lot of information about the quality of the links, such as their rating, text, and type (follow or nofollow, image or text link). 


How To Use It?

If you want your search engine marketing to be effective, you need to pay attention to a wide range of details. The quantity and quality of incoming links are important considerations. To improve your site's rankings, delete any harmful or low-quality resources that link back to yours. If you don't, you risk having your site banned from search results. If that happens, your site will lose visibility in search engines, costing you visitors and business. To assist you in doing a complete audit of your website's inbound links, we have developed a free backlink testing tool.

No technical skills or knowledge of SEO are required to use this best free backlink checker. Overall, there are only three basic steps:


  • To begin, navigate to www.sitespeedseo.com 

  • Second, fill out the blank spot with your website's URL. An example of this might be the URL for a specific page on your site, such as a product page or blog post, or the main domain of your site. You have the option of having the tool display external links for the entire domain or just the page you supplied the URL for.

  • As a third step, hit the "Check Backlink" button. A CAPTCHA may be needed to process your request. If that's the case, then proceed. Following the completion of the aforementioned three processes, the tool will immediately display the findings, including all the metrics previously indicated. Feel free to save a copy of the report on your computer.

Similar tools, such as link popularity checkers, often only display a small number of results per page, usually no more than 10. However, the top 100 backlinks to a specific URL can be viewed with our free link checker. Plus, you may click to see more if you want to. 



What is the function of a backlink?

When one site links to another, it "passes along" a small amount of its link authority. If you want to rank highly in search engines, you need to know why backlinks matter. Search engine optimization (SEO) relies heavily on backlinks, which are essentially recommendations from one website to another. Website A trusts and promotes Website B by including a link to it on Website A. This endorsement will help website B rise in the search engine rankings, which will bring in more visitors and business.

How can I find the backlinks used by my competitors?

Learning where your competitors are placing their links will help you locate relevant sites where you can do the same. You can get this data with the help of our free online backlink checker and put it to good use on your site.